Traning & Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell) of Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College works in the following aspects to complement the efforts of the faculty members by organizing value-added programmers and providing placement opportunities to students.

The Cell is actively considering in the aspects like having Memorandum of Understanding with Various Corporate Sector for the placement ofstudents every year.

It obtains feedback from organizations on a regular basis and conveys it to the respective departments, which in turn, train students accordingly, thereby increasing their placement opportunities. The Cell organizes certain orientation programmers, grooming sessions, mock interviews for students of each stream. Besides, the Cell organizes various summer internship programmers for students to provide them with hands-on experience and introducing them to match the professional environment.

In view the requirements of industry, the Cell also takes initiative to arrange regular inter-active workshops, seminars and short-term courses with active participation of academia and industry.

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