Rules & Regulations

Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College

Anti Ragging Free Campus

It is important that students and faculty work together to indorse college rules and codes of behaviour. It is imperative that all learners maintain a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere in all areas of the college.:

  1. We treat everyone with respect at all times.
  2. We follow instructions.
  3. We are helpful, truthful and honest.
  4. We keep our college tidy.
  5. We are responsible for our own behaviour.
  6. We are kind to each other.
  7. We show consideration for others when we move around the college.
  8. No bad language should be used in the college at any time under any condition.
  9. Use Of mobile phones, game consoles is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

Our older students are expected to set examples of appropriate behaviour and mutual respect between all students and staff is integral to our college ethos.


We strongly request for parents' with the College to help improve the child's cooperation progress. The college merely provides an extension Of the Islamic tarbiyyah that every parent is expected to conduct within their homes and that this responsibility rests with the parents.

Thus, a very strong link has to be forged between home and college and this requires direct involvement and commitment between the students and faculty.