Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Mr. VIKAS KUMAR (Principal)

Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College” (PKP) is a technical education unit of “Magadh Charitable Trust”.Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College was established by Magadh Charitable Trust, Aurangabad, Bihar in 2014. Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College was established with a vision to be recognized as a renowned learning institute for technical education by providing quality education that will foster a student’s overall development. Since its inception, Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College had been identified as one of the best diploma level institutions in Bihar. The institute has a sprawling campus with excellent infrastructure.

Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College (PKP) understands the need of promoting sustained growth and inclusiveness by harnessing the young talents who will be meeting the demands and challenges of a volatile global environment. The Institute emphasizes the holistic development of students coupled with sound ethics. We, at Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College, look at the education, not only in terms of quantity of knowledge but also in terms of quality on the knowledge that helps shape the mindset and for the character of students. The institute facilitates the students to get the maximum exposure to applications of theories and introductory – interface programs are also arranged to help the students to understand the subjects in a broader perspective.

The students are groomed to face the realities of the business world and to take up the challenges in the respective areas of their specialization. I assure you that the Jesuit administration and my team of qualified and experienced faculty members are committed to producing quality engineers to meet the ever-growing and changing demands of industries.

The institute also organizes various extra- curricular activities at the state level to ensure the grooming of students in the best possible way. Further, the institute has well-established Training and Placement department to guarantee that the students are ready to face any interview with full confidence. The institute has faculty members with qualifications obtained from renowned institutions and committed to ensuring quality education. We also have professional Counselors for students. We would be happy to take your queries, if any concerning your plan to study at PKP.