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About College

Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College, established in 2014 at Santhua More Aurangabad, Bihar, in order to fulfill cherished desire to participate in the advancement of science and technology for the development of the Nation. P.K.Polytechnic is known for its highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Practical application of the skills learnt via internships, seminars and live projects are the regular features of the Institute besides development of communication, competitiveness, sports, cultural and entrepreneurial activities. Each student is mentored and leadership traits are nurtured to enable them to shoulder increasing responsibilities and prepare them to face difficult National and Global technological situations. Four years is a very short span of time for the P.K.Polytechnic to create its niche in the professional education system but that has been sufficient to establish its brand name in the country.Regular exposure to corporate events of students with highly successful individuals, expert lectures on latest innovations and developments in the industry enable students to decide for themselves whether to be a job seeker or a job provider.


To Provide Industry Oriented Technical Education to Rural Students through Excellent Teaching and Learning, Interaction with Industry and Continual Improvement of People Process.

  • Excellent Teaching -Theoretical, Analytical and Practical Knowledge.
  • Academic Excellence- Marks and Percentage of Pass on Board Examination.
  • Personality Development by improving communication and other extra curricular skills.
  • Developing integrity through conduct, character, discipline and high value system.
  • Providing better placement through continuous interaction with industry and the alumni.
  • Teaching to innovate- Winners don't do different things: they do things differently.
  • Networking-Networking of class, laboratories, Libraries and Internet.


The Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College envisions to become a lead provider of quality and affordable technical-vocational, entrepreneurial and technological education, and a producer of highly competent and productive human resource.

Contact Details

      Prabhu Kailash Polytechnic College,
       Kailash Nagar, Santhua More,
     Aurangabad(Bihar) 824101
       7485075884, 86, 8252201581